13 Jul 2014

IE compatibility issue? add X-UA-Compatible Meta Tag

What is “IE=edge” and why should we add? “IE=edge” will instruct browsers to use the latest version of IE. Also note that individual user settings in IE settings may override X-UA-Compatible content setting, forcing pages to render in
6 Apr 2014

What is viewport meta tag?

The viewport meta tag allows you to tell the mobile browser what size this virtual viewport should be. This is often useful if you’re not actually changing your site’s design for mobile, and it renders better with
10 Dec 2012

Font Squirrel @font-face generator

You have a nice font and want to make it @font-face compatible? Open up Font Squirrel, upload your font and there it is! A complete set of generated CSS rules and cross browsers fonts without any charge. ofcourse you
8 Dec 2012

CSS3 color formats

CSS2: Color formats Hex format – #cccccc Shorthand hex format – #ccc rgb() format – rgb (red, green, blue) Named colors – white, red, blue, etc CSS3: New color formats HSL – hsl(hue, saturation, lightness) CMYK –
1 Dec 2012

Responsive Images

Responsive Images There are various way available to make images responsive, like with JQuery, media-queries, <picture> tags, but I think below is the best and easiest way to make image responsive. img { border: 0; width: 100%;
29 Nov 2012

Responsive Tables

Responsive Tables  Don’t let tables break your responsive layout any more. see below example sites: http://elvery.net/demo/responsive-tables/ http://filamentgroup.com/lab/responsive_design_approach_for_complex_multicolumn_data_tables/
28 Nov 2012

Table sorter

I come across excellent Table sorter jQuery plugin, with good examples and excellent documentations. Table sorter is a jQuery plugin for turning a standard HTML table with THEAD and TBODY tags into a sortable table without page refreshes. I liked
24 Nov 2012

List of Tablet and Smartphone Resolutions and Screen Sizes

As the desire to style sites or applications for a particular device, there will be some aspects of those devices you’ll need to know in advance. Media Queries in CSS3 allow for the styling of specific devices
25 Oct 2012

Top SEO Tips and Techniques

SEO Tips and techniques I have read many articles about SEO tips and techniques, most of them are very basic, I have summarised them and list down Top SEO Tips and Techniques. Use correct Title-Tag Use correct Meta-Description
24 Oct 2012

Three ways of inserting CSS3 media queries

CSS2 added support for the media=”screen” way of defining which stylesheet to use for which representation of the data. CSS3 adds a new feature to this functionality, by adding media queries. Basically, this means you can change stylesheets based